Greater New York Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET)

LECET is a jointly managed trust fund of the Mason Tenders’ District Council and its 1500 signatory contractors. Its mission is to generate business opportunities for union contractors and job opportunities for LiUNA members. 

Mason Tenders’ Training Fund

Originally established in 1987 under the name of the Mason Tenders’ District Council Asbestos Training Program, the Fund changed its name in 1995 to the Mason Tenders’ Training Fund (MTTF). Governed by a labor/management Board of Trustees and staffed by a highly professional team of instructors and office personnel, today the Fund is the most robust, well-attended, and busiest LIUNA training affiliate in the nation.  The MTTF offers over 60 different courses, with most available in English, Spanish, and Polish.

Mason Tenders’ District Council Trust Funds

The Mason Tenders’ District Council Trust Funds administers the health and welfare, pension, and annuity accounts for all eligible Local 79 and Local 78 workers. Local 79 members who have questions regarding the benefits that they are entitled to receive should contact the Funds directly.

Mason Tenders’ District Council PAC

The Mason Tenders’ District Council Political Action Committee (PAC) was formed on January 20, 1998. Construction may be the most highly regulated and among the most competitive industries in the New York metropolitan area. In order for us to keep our members working in good, safe, well-paying jobs, becoming involved in the political arena was an absolute necessity. In the ensuing years, your PAC has influenced government to approve literally tens of billions of dollars worth of unionized construction work throughout New York City and Long Island.


In 1999 the signatory contractors and local unions of the Mason Tenders District Council came together to establish Tenders Inc., a 501 (c) 3 charitable entity.  The stated mission of Tenders Inc is “to help those individuals and organizations in the communities where our members and employers live and work”.  And we have remained true to that mission. Over the past 20 years, Tenders Inc has donated over $1.2 million to dozens of worthy organizations, large and small.

New York State Laborers’ Union

The New York State Laborers’ Union represents over 40,000 members employed in the construction industry and other fields throughout the state. Members are organized into more than 36 local unions and 5 district councils. The New York State Laborers’ Union is a proud affiliate of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA).

New York State LECET

One of NYS LECET’s main goals is to capture the competitive edge and develop more job opportunities for Laborers, our affiliated contractors and project owners. By working closely with our local unions and district councils as well as with our contractors, NYS LECET has been successful in:

  • promoting investment in transportation and infrastructure improvements
  • monitoring and fostering compliance with prevailing wage requirements
  • publicizing the benefits of unionized construction

New York State Health & Safety

The NYS Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund is a perfect example of how labor and management, working together, can make a difference in members’ health, safety and wellness and improve jobsite productivity.

New York State PAC

The NYS Laborers’ Political Action Committee (PAC) was created in 1987 to give the Laborers’ Union a voice in the political affairs of the state and country. The six-member committee represents all regions of the state.

The Laborers’ PAC has become one of the most powerful union political action committees in New York state. The PAC also provides support to the Laborers’ Political League in Washington, D.C., for contributions to national candidates.